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Before starting…

The test will last about 30 minutes.
Answer the questions as spontaneously as possible. Any outside help will affect the assessment of your real level and will therefore have a negative influence on the preparation of your training.
If the assessment is interrupted, you can reconnect to resume it.

Configuration required:

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After the assessment…

You will see your report at the end of the assessment.
We advise you to keep a copy, it may be useful during the year.

Digital printing

  1. Click on "View your report" at the bottom of the page
  2. The report will be displayed in a new tab. Choose the "Print" icon or option from your browser menu (or use the shortcut "Ctrl + P" or "Cmd + P")
  3. Select the Microsoft XPS Document or Pdf Printer
  4. Save the file to the desktop in .xps or .pdf

Sending by e-mail

  1. Click on "Receive your report by e-mail" at the bottom of the page
  2. Enter your e-mail address then click on "Send"

Enjoy the test!

About eLAO

eLAO’s objective is simple: to make your linguistic assessment as quick and efficient as possible! By seamlessly and automatically adapting the questions in response to the answers you provide, eLAO considerably reduces the time necessary to evaluate your level, while guaranteeing a reliable result.

The questions are never too easy or too difficult. eLAO selects a limited number of questions from among over 800 incorporated in the system for each language.

Your skills are evaluated in different modules: grammatical structures, active and passive vocabulary, listening comprehension.

We wish you all the best with your assessment!

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